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Book, 11”x11", Digital Print on paper

My story is my mother’s story. Four years ago, my mother suffered from a severe pain. When she went to the hospital, the doctor discovered it was fungal meningitis. Bacteria had penetrated into her brain, slightly paralyzing her. At that time, my family was shocked because my mother almost died but we did not give up on my mother’s care. This situation lasted over 3 months. My knowledge domain is the tango. The tango is a very intense and passionate dance between partners. I picked up elements inside my story and using my knowledge domain, and I made a connection between the tango and my mother’s story. Therefore, I am presenting my mother’s story in two books that I created: red and black.

"Shall we dance?"
The red book describes my narrative through two characters in a tango. The first character is my mother who is represented by the woman dancer. The other character is a bacterium, which is represented as male dancer. In the dance, my mother struggles against the disease. Using the choreography of the tango I describe a graceful dance with my mother and the bacteria inside of my mother’s brain. The two dancers demonstrate the choreography of tango, and step-by-step, my mother recovers from her disease while dancing with bacteria.
My mother and the bacterium talk together while they are dancing. These dialogues have metaphors that give personality to dance steps of the bacterium and my mother. Moreover, these dialogues can show the ebb and flow of the relationship between them.

"Shall we dance together?"
The black book just uses my knowledge domain to explain my narrative through images. I divided it into four sections and used tango fragments to tell my mother’s progress and show time passing. The black book focuses on the story of my family. Depending on whom my mother dances with, a set of footprints explains each section.
The first part is “connection”. In this part, my mother and I start dancing for the first time and I start caring for my mother. The second part is “expression”. In this section, my mother and my father dance together from the inside to the outside right position; this means my father helps my mother recover from her disease. The next part is “embrace”, which is a very important part of tango. I describe step-by-step how my brother helped my mother recover from her disease. The final steps are “passion.” At this time, my family members and I are dancing harmoniously with my mother. This section shows we always took care of her and shared her pain.

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